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We specialize in providing safe & pure water for your home and office through reverse osmosis & water softener appliances that use the latest water-purifying technology on the market. Our acclaimed Puretap system, provides crystal clear purified water on demand, so you never need to worry about running out & changing heavy water bottles again.

Filtration Systems
Our systems clean and purify water by using reverse osmosis.
  • Water softeners

  • Well water systems

  • UV water disinfection systems

  • Water filtration

Water Softener
You may have probably heard of the term “hard water,” but what exactly is this term referring to, and how does it affect you?

Welcome to the home of Puretap Water Systems, the no-fuss alternative to bottled drinking water. The professionals at Puretap Water Systems, have been dedicated to improving the standards of water in homes & businesses since 1994.​

Enjoy the refreshing

clean experience

you deserve.

Water Coolers
Puretap Water Systems carries many styles of water coolers, each with different features.


Property Managers